This Ministry is Amazing

What is a Sermon Based Small Group?

A sermon based small group is a form of fellowship.
It is centered around discussion and life application of the previous Sunday message.

Sermon Based Small Groups meet throughout the week at different times and run for 3 eight week modules a year. The Summers are taken off in order to allow different activities and ministries (Such as Vacation Bible School, Women and Men’s Bible Studies, and Conferences), and to allow leaders who may want to lead another module, time to rest.

Each leader is encouraged while leading a small group to be creative in the way that they lead their small groups while maintaining the core fundamentals of Fellowship, Prayer, and Discussion. While most Small Groups focus on materials approved by Church leaders, PBCs Sermon Based Small Groups are based off of a study guide provided in the Sunday Morning bulletin. The teaching presented by the Pastor on Sunday Morning is reinforced throughout the week through small group fellowship.

What Are We Striving to Accomplish

Through our Sermon Based Small Group Ministry everything we are desiring to accomplish is centered around the study of God’s word and a tighter fellowship with one another in the Church. 

As we meet in Sermon Based Small Groups these things will become a part of our lives in the following ways:

1. A Better and deeper understanding of the word of God.

2. More enhanced application of the Sunday sermon to the listener’s life

3. More discussion over the Sunday teaching

4. Deeper and genuine growth of relationships within the Church.